about us

Kyle Slater is not a professional chef. And that is what makes him so unique.


Born and raised in Fort Worth, TX, Kyle spent many years in the restaurant industry, but never in the kitchen. After a random conversation with a guest at the bar where he was working,  he jumped into the corporate world where he found great success, but no true happiness or fulfillment. 

So with a gentle nudge from his wife, he quit and started cooking. 


Kyle's philosophy is simple; "Just eat good food."

He is willing to take the time and the risks to experiment with food. He has the patience to try what other people are afraid of. He has the skill to know what tweaks need to made in order to make the meal "just right."

In his spare time, he feeds his wife Noelle, who is always hungry and his children Daphne and Griffin, who don't actually eat that much.  He is a vintage toy collector, sarcastic yet charming, enjoys wine, travel, the occasional cigar and pretending like he knows how to play the guitar.  

You should eat his food.